St Jude’s Parish Telephone Tree

Each week during lockdown, members of our Pastoral Care team (all are members of Parish Council, liturgical assistants or in training to become LAs), will telephone a list of people in the parish.

Your pastoral care team

Members of Parish Council on the team

  • Pam B,
  • Maitreyi D,
  • Murray D,
  • Chris C,
  • Ken C,
  • Sarah N,
  • Paul M,
  • Sophie R-C,
  • Virginia S,
  • John W
  • & Miriam W.

Clergy/ Liturgical Assistants and training LAs on the team

  • Josephine A,
  • Rebecca C,
  • Howard H,
  • Julie G,
  • Rose N
  • & Joan T.

We encourage you, where comfortable, to allow our Pastoral Care team to stay in weekly telephone contact. Your Pastoral Care team member will:

  • Pray for you.
  • Check how you are and offer support where needed.
  • Let the clergy know if there are any big issues.
  • Provide you with the latest St Jude’s information.
  • Keep you connected to the parish at a time when we are unable to offer usual face-to-face worship services.