Mission Action Plan

St Jude’s M.A.P.

Our new Mission Action Plan projects from 2019 onward

One of our new MAP projects, the St Jude’s Community Pantry, was launched by Bishop +Denise Ferguson on the 9th of February 2020. It is perfect for our mission because it is all about genuine welcome, support of children as well as adults, and environmental responsibility. Please read more here.

Our path to M.A.P.

St Jude’s began praying for our mission, asked our parishioners for their views, undertook a range of community consultations with the key stakeholders outside the parish, reviewed the data we had and worked for months to get a sense of what God might be asking of us this year. We found that there were several areas that were inviting us to grow as a parish, and some areas that the community looks to us to offer more consciously. After all that we were able to discern our mission vision for this season:

St Jude’s seeks to provide a generous and authentic welcome to all,
to encourage children and young people to grow in faith,
and to sustain and renew the environment.

A generous and authentic welcome to all: revamping our welcoming procedures, undertaking welcoming liturgy, starting our judgement-free Community Pantry, significant rejuvenation of the memorial garden, creating welcoming History Festival experiences for the public, updating A/V equipment to provide better access to worship for more people, rejuvenating our foyer space, and a new website!
to encourage children and young people to grow in faith: reception of first communion classes, confirmation classes, confirmations in 2019 and 2020, providing for the basic needs of children in hardship, Young Adult’s Group (aka YAGS), a new Shared Worship (first Sunday of the month 9.30am service), and JUNIOR JUDE’S.
and to sustain and renew the environment: commitment to responsible waste management on our site, council supported waste management talks, eco-theology winter course, eco-Sunday worship, a large scale recycling of deposit-attracting containers, to keep Brighton beautiful and to support new mission.

St Jude’s Mission Action Plan is still evolving.

The parish is devoting our energy and resources into some exciting and life-affirming projects in these areas and we would love you to be part of it all. If you would like more information on our MAP or want to get involved, please speak to a member of our Parish Council, a Warden or Priest.

Please keep praying for St Jude’s and the community we serve

Each stage of the MAP process has been rooted in prayer. I warmly encourage you to continue praying that St Jude’s will be hungry to take up Jesus’ invitation to follow him in our next mission season.

Please find below the prayer Archbishop +Geoff Smith has invited us to pray as we open ourselves to mission growth, not simply numerically but also as heralds of God’s vision for all creation, as evangelists and as those working to bless our community.

Prayer for growth

Living God, we thank you for your vision for the whole creation

and that you call us to share in your mission.

We pray that you grow your church:

Bring more people to faith in Jesus

Deepen our trust in you and knowledge of you

Help us to serve and bless our community

And strengthen us to be generous with the money and resources you give us.

May we grow as disciples of Jesus and make disciples of others

for the blessing of the world you love.

In Jesus name we pray. Amen.