Community Meal

The weekly Community Meal in a nutshell…

St Jude’s Welcome Community Meal is a ‘by donation’ hot weekly meal for those who can afford it, and completely free to those who cannot. It is held at the church site 444 Brighton Rd Brighton (usually in a hall or outside), from 11.30am-1.30pm every Friday lunchtime.

The Community Meal is Coordinated by Mr Paul Miller, with support from the Parish Priest, Church Wardens, Parish Council, and 40+ of the faithful people of the parish.

The Community Meal is provided to locals and to visitors alike with the express purpose of: feeding nutritious meals those living with food insecurity, and/ or those who are isolated and would benefit from a caring community.

You’re invited… we can’t wait to see you at a Community Meal!

Community Meal Supporters

We thank our partners in other churches and local service organisations who have shown their commitment to helping this ministry reach its aims. We especially acknowledge the generous support of AnglicareSA who have jumped straight in to give us a hand with the cost of this grassroots program.

Other than the support of AnglicareSA, we are currently self-funded and are seeking to increase our connections with local organisations, clubs, council, and businesses who share our vision for inclusive, caring community and may be able to help us meet our goals. Our amazing local community has been wonderful at supporting the Community Pantry, and we have faith that they will step up again for the community Meal.

Community Meal & our Mission Action Plan

St Jude’s Mission Action plan (MAP) Statement:

St Jude’s seeks to provide a generous and authentic welcome to all, to encourage children and young people to grow in faith, and to sustain and renew the environment.

The Community Meals will have links to all three aspirations in our vision statement. First, the Community Meals will provide generous and authentic welcome through the creation of a safe community, and nourishing food. Second, it will encourage young people in their journey through the continuing support of food ministry for families. St Jude’s is particularly well connected to, and keen to support, families in need at Brighton Primary School were appropriate. Third, during the development of our MAP we have improved our parish waste management, including collection of deposit attracting containers- which help us to fund our food ministries. We will continue to endeavour to find ways to make our food ministry as environmentally friendly as possible.

In 2022 we reviewed our Mission Action Plan and found that the Community Meal project will meet the needs identified in the local community- namely the need to address isolation, and basic human needs of nourishment and community.

St Jude’s has also grown in desire and capacity to show God’s love in action through outreach work, and being a community of service in out local area.

The Parish already encounters refugees families in our neighbourhood, as well as families under financial, emotional, and spiritual stress on our doorstep. There is homelessness in the streets near the parish and throughout the local area.

Community Meal & the Diocesan Vision 2022:

Diocesan Vision 2022 Statement:

Our vision and our yearning is that over the next five years we will be a Diocese of flourishing Anglican communities, united and connected, whose members are confident and competent to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Under this broader vision there are four focus areas which are all allied to the Welcome Community Meal: Growth in Discipleship, Leadership Development, Flourishing Churches, and Innovation and Advocacy.

Discipleship and sharing the Gospel looks like real people taking what they have read, and what God has grown in their hearts, and turning that into action.

Disciples of Jesus will be made through the outworking of the Holy Spirit, in the service of the people God loves, but which the world may not prioritise.

Leadership Development We have discerned capacity in our lay and ordained people. We believe they can be further developed and equipped, to lead teams of talented parishioners, and others who are allied to our vision, in the service of the local community. This program will seek to prepare St Jude’s leaders and volunteers with new skills training, that will equip them to be leaders and servants in our broader local community.

Flourishing Churches are enabled to grow in service, generosity and discipleship. All of these are naturally evangelistic traits.

St Jude’s is already, and will continue to be a flourishing church, while it prioritises listening to the call of the Holy Spirit, and can find willing partners to live out its call.

Innovation & Advocacy are important to St Jude’s as we seek to strengthen our chaplaincy offerings and develop a new community of faith-in-action. We seek to innovate in our programs and mission, and to advocate in our community by prefering the needs of others.

We have seen St Jude’s leadership in the community grow through the Community Pantry, which has encouraged generosity in hundreds of locals and other organisations to support a vision that overtly advocates for those in need.

We have seen that where St Jude’s leads in innovative advocacy, the community supports us.