Weekly Prayers

Giving God thanks for life

We give God thanks for the life of Dorothy (Dot) Arendze and commend her to God’s safekeeping. We ask for peace for her family in their loss, and particularly remember her daughters Gail and Heather (Wagner) and their families. May Dorothy Rest In Peace, and rise in glory.  

St Jude’s intercessory prayer list:

Ali, Ben & David, Chloe, Christopher, Don, Eden, Emma-Kate, Gail, Ian, Jill, John & Joyce, Liam, Judith, Michelle, Lesley, Louise, Margaret & Ken, Mary, Mark & Holly, Norma, Patrick, Peter, Peter & Kath, Robert & Rosie, Stuart, Sue, Sophie, Trisha, Virginia, and Wayne & Janetta.

Please contact us if you would like to add or remove a name from this list. Please note that Christian names only are included as this information is publicly available.