Weekly Collection

As you know, as we move things online and start to support people through new means, and networks, the costs of parish remain almost the same. We still have significant financial obligations and our giving has reduced as people are not on site.

4 ways to give:

  1. Electronically via direct weekly/ fortnightly or monthly. Please ensure you include your name in the comments section of the bank transfer. The church bank details are below, and our Treasurer John W would be happy to walk you through it if you would like to contact him: johnwenzel@jaw.net.au.
  2. Electronically as a one-off gift or as a gift to support the community pantry, as some people are not safe to come and stock it as much as they would like. This is accessed via the same bank details as on the reverse of this flyer. Please ensure you include both your name, and that this is a “one-off” or “community pantry” gift in the comments section of the bank transfer.
  3. 1. Via Cheque. Please make the check payable to “St Jude’s Church Brighton” and indicate in a covering note who it is from, and if it is a one off gift or if it is part of your weekly pledge. You can send it to St Jude’s Church PO Box 70, Brighton SA 5048.
  4. At the moment, although the office is not open, if you were to call ahead and let Rosey know when you are dropping off an envelope with money into the post box on the front of Grundy hall, she would empty it quickly (so that your gift does not sit in the post box too long). We would prefer your giving be online or in cheque, but we do understand if this is not possible for you and will support you with this option as long as possible.

A message from the Treasurer and Finance Sub-Committee

This week we received the following message from Diocese :

“ Even if we cannot attend services as regularly as we normally do , the life of the church continues and your ongoing financial support is still very much needed and appreciated”.

The message goes on to talk about an electronic planned giving service which is offered by Anglican Funds. In the recent vestry financial report we were reminded the almost 50% of the funds required to run St Jude’s comes from our parishioners and we need this income to flow in regularly.

You can contribute your annual gifts automatically directly from your bank account or credit card. This can be done weekly, fortnightly or monthly and it is a transaction which is controlled by you and can be changed at any time if your circumstances change

St Jude’s bank account details are :

Bank SA

BSB 105-042

Account Number 058 287 440

Account Name Church of St Judes Brighton SA

You can arrange for regular givings to be transferred from your account by going into your bank account on line or by visiting your bank personally. If you need help,  members of our Finance Sub Committee are available work through the process with you (John G and Howard H) . In the first instance please contact John W our Treasurer via email: johnwenzel@jaw.net.au

With help from the Parish Council we will do all that we can to manage financial risk for the church in these difficult times and to make sure that our expenses are kept as low as possible but we very much need your helping to maintain our regular income flow.