Service Registration

Why do it? During the COVID-19 recovery phase, we are required to take details of all who attend worship. We are grateful to those who register online as it helps us reduce queuing at the church. If you run into difficulties please listen to the quick tutorial at the bottom of the page. If all else fails please contact the office or just come along to a service and we will work it out together. Some of the core elements of the face to face services will also be available each week in our online weekly service.

PLEASE NOTE THAT REGISTRATION FOR 7/8/20 &92/8/20 HAVE NOW CLOSED. However, if you would still like to come to a service, please do! Just give your details to one of our COVID-Safe officers when you get to church. Registration for Friday 14/8/20 and Sunday 16/8/20 is open below. We can’t wait to see you 🙂

10am Friday 14/8/20. Please click the link below to register:

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8.00 am Sunday 16/8/20. Please click the link below to register:

9.30 am Sunday 16/8/20. Please click the link below to register:

More information or help needed?

A short registration audio tutorial

If you are unfamiliar with online registering, you may like to listen to these easy pointers. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon. Sophie 🙂

Our 3 weekly services in July are almost identical and all include readings, Holy Communion (bread), sermon, 2 hymns, prayers, etc and are adapted for the current situation.