Weddings, Baptisms, Confirmations & Funerals

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Weddings are very welcome to be officiated at St Jude’s and can be arranged through our Office.





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Baptism | Confirmation | Reception

Baptism marks the beginning of a person’s journey with Christ and his church.

Confirmation provides the opportunity for people who have been baptised (often as children) to make their own public response to God as an adult.

Adult Baptism is also available and strongly encouraged for people making a public testimony of their Christian faith.

Confirmation / Baptism preparation classes usually occurs within a group setting and occasionally with people from other local Anglican churches.

Confirmation / Baptism is administered by a bishop in a ceremony normally performed after our 9.30am service.

Reception into the Anglican Church is also available for people who have been baptised and confirmed in another Christian tradition. Usually, after preparation, the candidate is received by a bishop at a confirmation service.


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Funerals mark the end of a person’s life and proclaim the hope of the Christian faith.

Inquiries for any of these services can be made through our Parish Office